International conference


Sofia, Bulgaria
5-8 November 2019


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Място на провеждане:

Национален дворец на културата: Национален културен център за конференции, изложби и специални събития, най-големият конгресен център в Югоизточна Европа. Предназначението на сградата, която разполага с 13 зали и се намира в центъра на София, е да се използва за културни прояви.

Строежът на НДК е част от инициативите през 1981 г. за отбелязването на 1300 години от създаването на българската държава.

Архитектурният проект на основната сграда е дело на колектив с ръководител арх. Александър Баров, а оформлението на околното пространство е по идея на колектив начело с арх. Атанас Агура. Главен проектант на парка към НДК е инж. (ландшафтен архитект) Валентина Атанасова.

Най-голямата зала (зала 1) разполага с 3380 места. Сградата е разположена на 123 000 m² площ, разгърната на 8 етажа и 3 подземни нива. НДК е построен върху площ от 18 300 m² и има обем 576 800 m³.


 снимки: Орлин Огнянов/НДК

Conference venue:

National Palace of Culture - Congress Centеr Sofia (NPC) is one of the largest multi-purpose venues in Southeastern Europe.

Opened in 1981, NPC is designed to host a wide range of events as international congresses, official meetings, conferences, international conventions, summits, exhibitions, festivals, concerts and other cultural events.

The Palace houses a rich variety of the most distinguished Bulgarian collections of visual arts designed by some of the most prominent artists of the country. These monumental works are integrated in the conceptual architecture and design of NPC.
Nowadays, National Palace of Culture seeks to give new dynamics to its environment by establishing a diverse contemporary art spaces that are meant to shape Sofia’s cultural life.

NPC is situated in the heart of Sofia and is surrounded by a leisure park. The venue is encircled by terraces offering panoramic views over the capital. It is within walking distance to all central places of Sofia. The Bulgaria Square in front of NPC provides access to the subway and other means of public transport.


Facts and figures:

  • 123 000 sq m in area, it is an eight-storey  building, with four panoramic terraces and three underground levels;

  • 300 parking spaces + an additional 40 for VIP parking;

  • Over 300 events per annum with one million guests take place here annually;

  • It houses 80 monumental works of art located in the halls and the foyers;

  • Bulgaria's most renowned concert venue for international artists;

  • Producer of theater, concerts, exhibitions and the annual festivals Salon des Arts, Cinemania, New Year's Music Fest;

  • Home of the National Book Centre, The Feather (Peroto) Literary Club, Azaryan Theater and DNK Contemporary Dance and Performance Space.

 For further information, please visit the official web page of the National palace of Culture:

Preconference disscussoin venue:
Location of the preconference event is will be announced soon.


About Sofia

Sofia is founded three thousand years ago by the ancient Traci tribe “serdi” and is known as Serdica by the beginning of the ninth century. Sofia has had several names in the different periods of its existence. Most significant are Serdica,Triaditsa and Sredets. The current name Sofia was first used in the 14th century and refers to the famous Hagia Sophia Church, an ancient church in the city. In our days Sofia is the capital and largest city of Republic of Bulgaria. Sofia’s development as a significant settlement owes much to its central position in the Balkans. It is situated in western Bulgaria, at the foot of the Vitosha mountain. The city is administrative, cultural and financial centre of the country. Since ancient times the region is known for its mineral and thermal springs. There are mineral springs in the centre of the city, as well in the districts on Knyazhevo, Gorna Banya, Bankya, Ovcha Kupel and Ivanyane.

Basic facts about Sofia city

The name in English: Sofia
Sofia city area: 492,029 km2
Position: Southwest region Postal code for Sofia city: 1000
Region: Sofia city
Telephone code for Sofia city: 02 from Bulgaria, 00 359 2 from abroad
Municipality: Stolichna
Population: 1 291 591 inhabitants

What should I know about Bulgaria?

Capital (and largest city) is Sofia
Official language is Bulgarian
Demonym is Bulgarian
Government: Unitary parliamentary republic
President: Gen. Rumen Radev
Prime Minister: Boyko Borisov
Legislature: National Assembly Formation
Foundation: 681
Modern state: 1878
Decl. of Independence: 22.09.1908
Total area: 110,994 km2
Water (%): 0.3
Population (2011): census 7,364,570
Density: 66.2/km2
Currency: Lev (BGN)
Time zone: EET (UTC+2)
Drives on the: right
Internet TLD: .bg
Calling code: +359